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I start a navigation with a known map,and after I specify the pose ,then point to the nav_goal,it can generate the path to the goal ,however the robot just rotate . by the way,my lab space is some small. after i move it to a broader space ,and make a new map,then navigation ,still noly rotates. see the cmd_vel,the value of linear is always zero. How to solve this problem? thank you!

my robot configuration:I made it by myself ,so it has no name.ros version is fuerte,I read again the navigation,I think maybe it is caused by the "recovery_behavior_enable" of the move_base. I will update my solution and the detail configuration later if I solve it .

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Please provide more information. Which robot are you using? Which ros distro? Can you copy/paste your move_base configuration? Please edit your answer to provide the additional information and make sure you format the code correctly (mark it and press Ctrl-k).

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