Building turtlebot on armel (missing dependencies) [closed]

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I'm trying to get the turtlebot package to compile on my Gumstix Overo Fire Computer-on-Module.
My Setup:

  • Gumstix Overo Fire COM with ARM-Processor
  • Gumstix Turtlecore
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Rootfs
  • iRobot Create

I've managed to get most of the dependencies either from the Ubuntu repositories or with rosinstall. Now I'm down to the last five dependencies that I can't fulfill (because the following packages are not available in the Ubuntu-armel-repositories).
Running rosdep check turtlebot I get the following results:

System dependencies have not been satisfied:
apt ros-fuerte-opencv2
apt openni-dev
apt ros-fuerte-pcl
apt yaml-cpp
apt ps-engine

Is there a way of getting these dependencies to work? Or do I have to live with the fact, that I won't be able to run the turtlebot package with my setup?

UPDATE: I managed to build yaml-cpp from source using this
So 4 dependencies left! Will make another update if I find solutions for the other dependencies. Any help will be appreciated...

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