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How to extract video from bag file?

asked 2012-09-28 23:08:08 -0600

Astronaut gravatar image

updated 2012-10-01 16:11:56 -0600


I followed the tutorial [] about extracting video from bag file. I create a launch file like this

  <node pkg="rosbag" type="rosbag" name="rosbag" args="play -d 2 $(find image_view)/Data/test1.bag"/>
  <node name="extract" pkg="image_view" type="extract_images" respawn="false" output="screen" cwd="node">
    <remap from="image" to="/camera/image_raw"/>

But than got the following error

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [rosbag/rosbag]: can't locate node [rosbag] in package [rosbag]

Im using ROS Fuerte and Ubuntu 10.4. Any help??

This is my bag file info

version: 2.0 duration: 1:32s (92s) start: Apr 01 2011 14:17:41.82 (1301627861.82) end: Apr 01 2011 14:19:14.15 (1301627954.15)

size:        260.5 MB
messages:    6530
compression: none [284/284 chunks]
types:       sensor_msgs/Image     [060021388200f6f0f447d0fcd9c64743]
             sensor_msgs/Imu       [6a62c6daae103f4ff57a132d6f95cec2]
             sensor_msgs/LaserScan [90c7ef2dc6895d81024acba2ac42f369]
topics:      /camera/image_raw   1135 msgs    : sensor_msgs/Image    
             /imu/data           1802 msgs    : sensor_msgs/Imu      
             /scan               3593 msgs    : sensor_msgs/LaserScan


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How best to extract video depends on what you want to do with it. Please edit your question to provide that information. (Your time-stamp question was asked and answered separately).

joq gravatar imagejoq ( 2012-09-29 08:50:51 -0600 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2012-09-28 23:10:54 -0600

Mani gravatar image

updated 2012-10-01 18:25:16 -0600

Regarding your first question:

I would like to know how to extract video from the bagfile?

I would recommend reading this tutorial from from ROS image_view wiki page.


I summarized the steps needed to create the video in this tutorial: How to extract images from a rosbag file and convert them to video

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I already done the tutorial and got an Error. I posted that in edit question. Any help??

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-10-01 16:13:10 -0600 )edit

There seems to be a mistake on the wiki page (I just fixed it). The correct string in the rosbag tag entry is type="play"

jarvisschultz gravatar imagejarvisschultz ( 2012-10-01 17:56:56 -0600 )edit

Still not working. I go this error. [FATAL] [1349151684.419671013]: Error opening file: play process[extract-3]: started with pid [5008] [rosbag-2] process has died [pid 4996, exit code 1, cmd /opt/ros/fuerte/share/rosbag/bin/play

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-10-01 18:22:18 -0600 )edit

I updated my answer with a link to steps that I usually use.

Mani gravatar imageMani ( 2012-10-01 18:26:02 -0600 )edit

Sorry. Where did you updated the answer?? On the wiki page??Sorry I saw. But Im using ROS Fuerte and Ubuntu 10.4 and I got the following error. Couldn't find package mjpeg-tools

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-10-01 19:18:19 -0600 )edit

I think the name for 10.04 used to be mjpegtools:

Mani gravatar imageMani ( 2012-10-01 19:32:25 -0600 )edit

Ok. But have problems with rosrun image_view extract_images _sec_per_frame:=0.01 . So First I execute osrun image_view extract_images sec_per_frame:=0.01. Yes?? Than image:=<IMAGETOPICINBAGFILE>. What means IMAGETOPICINBAGFILE???When I put the image path I got an error

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-10-01 19:45:53 -0600 )edit

And after rosrun image_view extract_images _sec_per_frame:=0.01 I got [ WARN] [1349156876.990156648]: extract_images: image has not been remapped! Typical command-line usage: $ ./extract_images image:=<image topic> [transport]

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-10-01 19:49:29 -0600 )edit

answered 2016-01-11 13:00:45 -0600

mlaiacker gravatar image


I wrote a python script that will directly output a video file from a ros bag without the need to convert them to images first.

This tool will also convert the images to a fixed frame rate to get a real-time video.

You need to have avconv installed!

just type:

./ yourbag.bag

and you will get a video file <topic>.mp4 with 25 fps and h264 encoded

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answered 2012-12-06 06:52:55 -0600

anagena gravatar image


I am with the same problem. Can you post the link with the updated answer?


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Yes sure. Here the link.

Astronaut gravatar imageAstronaut ( 2012-12-06 13:50:18 -0600 )edit

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