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Hello Everyone, We've recently purchased a new LMS 511 but they have only provided a windows driver version whilst we need the Linux so I'm here to ask if there's a driver for that device on Linux or either way guide through building my won driver using Ethernet RS232 or even USB AS I have seen there's no driver for the 5xx and yet it's the most interesting and it's more powerful and give better results Thanks

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Is there anything new on this topic? Is current driver for LMS2xx compatible with LMS5xx in anyway?

Boris gravatar image Boris  ( 2013-01-13 15:43:53 -0500 )edit

After trying a number of driver and packages for our SICK LMS511 the best one I found to work with my ROS Indigo was from

All I had to do was initialize a workspace, copy the folder laser_node into the src folder and then catkin_make. Hope this helps...

vik748 gravatar image vik748  ( 2017-04-04 09:11:37 -0500 )edit