pose goal planning always fail for a robot arm with arm_navigation [closed]

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dear all, i want to plan a path from a start pose to an end pose in the task space for my 7DOF robot arm and i'm using the planning_scene_visualizer to do this. in the planning_scene_visualizer there is an option to choose whether or not to use the constraint in roll and pitch. after digging into the source code of planning_scene_visualizer, i find that if set this constraint to false, then it will plan in the joint space; if set it to true, it will plan in the task space. besides, it will add the path constraint. so i comment the path constraint part code. i think in this way it will do a solely plan in the task space without constraint on the path. however, after setting the start position and end position, the plan in the joint space always succeed while the plan in the task space always fail. the error is: "Could not find solution for request". "Bad planning error code -1". the plan in the task space fail even when the movement between the start position and the end position is very small. the following is the code on the path constraint commented by me:


btw, i set num_planning_attempts = 5, and PLANNING_DURATION = 60. i think this time should be enough.

thanks in advance.

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