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ROS fuerte swig-wx

asked 2012-08-30 12:41:18 -0500

ee05073 gravatar image

updated 2012-08-30 12:41:39 -0500

still trying to install ROS fuerte in OSX lion this formula seems to be broken, I tried brew install -vd swig-wx long story short :

Error: #<BuildError: Failed executing: make install >

/usr/local/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:504:in system' /usr/local/Library/Formula/swig-wx.rb:15:ininstall' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/build.rb:118:in install' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:221:inbrew' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:533:in stage' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/extend/fileutils.rb:21:inmktemp' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:529:in stage' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/formula.rb:216:inbrew' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/build.rb:98:in install' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/build.rb:42:inmain' /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/build.rb:12 /usr/local/Library/Formula/swig-wx.rb:12 ==> Rescuing build... When you exit this shell Homebrew will attempt to finalise the installation. If nothing is installed or the shell exits with a non-zero error code, Homebrew will abort. The installation prefix is: /usr/local/Cellar/swig-wx/1.3.29

how will this affect ROS fuerte? Is there a known solution?

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I found "To install the swig-wx I followed this post >> cd /Library/Caches/Homebrew/swigwx--git ./configure make make install Paul Flick (Jul 12 '12)" to be the best answer

ee05073 gravatar image ee05073  ( 2012-08-31 09:02:35 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2012-09-04 13:17:25 -0500

WilliamWoodall gravatar image

updated 2012-09-05 06:03:15 -0500

This commit fixes this problem for me on Lion:

That is, brew update and then brew install swig-wx should now work.

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answered 2012-08-30 20:29:02 -0500

MarkyMark2012 gravatar image

Check that swig-wx is installed correctly. See here for details. Might be the problem you're facing

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