Finding and using the Nav2 teb controller

asked 2023-08-05 15:06:47 -0600


I might have overlooked something, but I'm currently in search of the TEB controller within the nav2 stack, specifically in the 'humble' release. According to the documentation of nav2, it suggests the presence of TEB. However, I've been unable to locate the corresponding package. Is there a possibility that DWB and TEB have been integrated or are now considered the same entity? Unfortunately, this distinction isn't evident from the GitHub repository.

My objective is to find the TEB controller for the purpose of maneuvering a holonomic robot and enabling obstacle avoidance. Despite consulting the Nav2 guide, I'm still facing challenges in identifying the specific file that requires editing, and I'm seeking any guidance available.

I've comprehended that the controller must interact with the URDF description of the robot to generate appropriate commands. However, without concrete examples, I find myself rather disoriented. Furthermore, I'm grappling with a somewhat unclear understanding of how controllers are employed in practice. Is it necessary to configure essential plugins through a YAML file? If this is indeed the case, could you provide insights on the configuration process?

I'm well aware that my inquiry might appear convoluted, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance that can be extended my way.

[EDIT] Following my inquiry on the GitHub repository of nav2, it appears that adjustments will be made to the nav2 documentation to provide further clarification regarding the situation. Indeed, even if the teb_controller was present in ROS1, it has not been ported to ROS2. Instead, the MPPI controller has taken its place as the successor.

Consequently, I am now looking after informations and examples on omni-directional robots controlled by the MPPI algorithm.

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