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Lidar point clouds vibrating in rviz

asked 2023-06-01 11:36:39 -0600 gravatar image

Hi, i'm new to lidar and point clouds. On rviz the point clouds are vibrating shown in my video. Is this normal? How would you go about stopping the vibrations? Thanks


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answered 2023-06-05 08:31:34 -0600

bluegiraffe-sc gravatar image


Some amount of "trembling" even when you are looking at a static scenario, is normal and due to noise. I think that, in your case, the instability you perceive is greater than the actual one. Try to untick the "Use rainbow" option in Rviz, to see all the points with the same color.

Can you give some more context about what the data represent? It is not trivial to understand if the vibration are normal or not, without a clear picture of what we are looking at.

Hope this helps!

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