Integrating apple iPhone camera with ROS Noetic

asked 2023-05-30 01:16:06 -0500

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updated 2023-05-30 01:22:09 -0500

Dear Community!!!

Greetings of the day!!!

I had a question related to integration of apple iphone14 camera with ROS Noetic. Actually, I want to just have an experiment with my mobile robot wherein I want to integrate apple iPhone 14 camera with ROS and perform sensor fusion of iPhone Camera + Wheel encoder data. My mobile robot is moving perfectly with help of lidar and is able to perform autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance etc. However to increase the accuracy of the system it is required to do sensor fusion using robot localization package. One option which I'm preferring to use is INTEL Depth Camera D455 and fusing it with wheel encoder.

Presently, I was thinking if we can integrate apple iPhone 14 camera with the wheel encoders and perform sensor fusion on ROS Noetic. Please suggest a wayout. I may be wrong in my thinking so kindly forgive me.

ROS Version - ROS Noetic OS - Ubuntu 20.04 LIDAR - RpLIDAR A1M8.

Regards Suraj Singh

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