How can I start with a custom robotic arm and a raspberry pi?

asked 2023-05-23 06:04:39 -0500

fadi eid gravatar image

Hello ROS and ROS2 community, my name is Fadi and this is my first time in implementing a real project using ROS2 framework. I currently have in front of me a 5 DOF robotic arm that I made, the URDF file describing the joints and link placement of my robotic arm, a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 22.04 with ROS2 humble environment setup, a microcontroller that takes in commands from the raspberry pi to move the motors. I know how to use python and a little bit of C++, I learnt the basics of ROS2 (Node, topics, services, actions and how to use them) as well as ROS2 tools such as the CLI tools, RVIZ. I tested my URDF my sending commands to joint_state_publisher and also used the joint_state_publisher_gui and seing the output in RVIZ and it was all successful. Now I need to control the robotic arm joints based on the specified position of the end effector, the movement of the robot should be illustrated in RVIZ and the motors positions should be sent to the MCU controlling the physical motors. I tried using moveit2 but the documentation doesn't seem to match the latest version of ROS2. The setup assistant tool for generating SRDF generate a lot of files that are not compatible with ROS2.

Can someone with experience provide me a roadmap on how to start and what approaches to take?

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