OPENCR not booting

asked 2023-05-05 14:44:30 -0500

jtrue gravatar image

I am currently having some issues with my OPENCR board, and I was hoping to get some help troubleshooting the problem. I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 connected to the OPENCR board via the Raspberry Pi’s USB port. Here are the symptoms of the issue:

  1. The OPENCR board does not appear to be booting up properly. The status light on the board is always off unless I reset it, in which case it seems to work okay.
  2. When I try to upload code through the Arduino IDE, I get an error stating that the port could not be found.
  3. I have tried reinstalling the firmware by resetting the board and uploading test scripts via the Arduino IDE. I have also tried reinstalling the software multiple times using the Raspberry Pi.
  4. On the bringup step, I get an error when running “ros2 launch turtlebot3_bringup” stating that “ld08_driver” is not found, even though it is in the home directory.

Based on these symptoms, I suspect that there may be a firmware problem with the OPENCR board, but I haven’t been able to successfully reinstall it. Can anyone offer any suggestions for how to troubleshoot this issue and get my OPENCR board working properly?

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