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ROS2 on Windows with NVidia GPU

asked 2023-04-22 08:59:03 -0500

slim71 gravatar image

Hi everyone! I'm trying to understand the best way to setup my environment for ROS2+Gazebo.

Up until now I was using an Ubuntu 22.04 VM with Virtualbox to get simple exercises up and running in ROS2, with no major problem. Since I have to go up a step and start a more complex system, plus I'll need Gazebo for simulations, I thought about how to improve the environment, given that there is always some kind of performance issue using VMs. It seems my options are:

  • dual boot
  • Docker
  • Git Bash from CMD, as if I was actually on Unix

Since for simplicity of use, budget (can't get another laptop) and resources (my laptop's SDD is not that big) the dual boot is not an option, I moved to Docker. I set up the container (osrf/ros), I installed XLaunch for the GUI and successfully integrated Docker with WSL2. Everything following this guide

However, I can't seem to use my Nvidia graphic card. I've tried launching the turtlesim node + teleop, but it's laggy and slow and Task Manager does not show the process as executing with the Nvidia card.

Has anyone managed to successfully setup a similar environment? Or is there any other option that is actually better than this?

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-05-20 05:26:38 -0500

slim71 gravatar image

To anybody interested, I gave up.
Getting everything set up on Windows is such a pain, and gives no benefits.

I've found a SSD drive empty and setup a detachable dual-boot with Ubuntu there.

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