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Is the disparity from /camera/depth/disparity 11bit raw data?

asked 2012-08-14 09:08:06 -0600

ranqi gravatar image


I need to do some advanced kinect calibration so I need raw data instead of processed depth data. Any one know if /camera/depth/disparity is raw or not? Thank you!


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I have the same question. Do you know the answer now? Thanks.

DiogoCorrea gravatar image DiogoCorrea  ( 2012-12-10 09:47:47 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-12-10 12:16:45 -0600

Are you referring to the disparity image or the depth image published by the driver?

The depth image contains the distance from the camera to the scene along the z-axis (optical axis) of the camera. The ROS openni_camera driver publishes the depth image as a:

  • 16-bit unsigned integer, in millimeters, on camera/depth/image_raw,
  • float, in meters, on camera/depth/image.

(see depth_image_proc)

The ROS driver does not publish the nonlinear, 11-bit raw output of the Kinect.

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I was a little confused and I actually wanted to know if the disparity data published by ROS (/camera/depth/disparity) was the same raw data of libfreenect driver. Apparently are not the same.

Thanks for your answer.

DiogoCorrea gravatar image DiogoCorrea  ( 2012-12-16 11:40:55 -0600 )edit

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