How to use a 2D LIDAR-scanner only in Rtabmap?

asked 2023-03-29 09:23:01 -0600

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Hi all,

For a project, I'm using a TurtleBot3 with its default LIDAR-scanner (LDS-01) and I want to use Rtabmap for creating a map. I have a camera as well, but I want to be able to run it with the LIDAR-scanner and with the camera separate from each other, not together.

I got the camera working after a bit of struggling, but with the LIDAR I'm not able to update the map. It shows me all dots which are being generated by the scanner, but when I move the robot, only my initial points stay visualised. So let's say I start in room 1, and I'm able to catch all points there, and move to the second room, it is drawing the current scan, but not updating the map.

I tried using the odom from the TurtleBot3 itself, and also ICP_odometry for generating a odom based on the /scan topic.

The most important parameters I'm using:

'frame_id': 'odom'.
'use_sim_time': 'false'.
'subscribe_depth': 'false'.
'subscribe_rgb': 'false'.
'subscribe_scan': 'true'.
'approx_sync': 'true'.
'use_action_for_goal': 'true'.
'Reg/Strategy': '1'.
'Reg/Force3DoF': 'true'.
'RGBD/NeighborLinkRefining': 'true'.
'Grid/RangeMin': '0.2'.
'Optimizer/GravitySigma': '0'.

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It looks like the mapping node is not working, and you only see odometry result. Are there warnings on the terminal?

matlabbe gravatar image matlabbe  ( 2023-04-02 16:06:03 -0600 )edit