automatically recompute tf for parent frame in static transform publisher

asked 2023-03-23 06:28:44 -0500

dmonkoff gravatar image

I've been working on hand-eye calibration with moveIt package, and this calibration should be done relative to the optical frame of the camera. On the other hand, the camera consists of multiple frames, for which optical frame is a child in a tree. When I try to publish static transform from optical frame to robot, it detaches optical frame from the camera tree and attaches it the robot, so I cannot access transformations to the other frames in the camera tree. I can recompute this transform from optical frame to the base camera by hand, but I wonder if there's a build-in method to do that automatically in the publisher node (or in general what is the standard approach for this kind of setup).

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It's not clear what you are trying to accomplish. Is this a 2d camera or a 3d camera? In my experience, 2d camera calibration data is not typically made a part of the TF tree.

Mike Scheutzow gravatar image Mike Scheutzow  ( 2023-03-25 08:46:52 -0500 )edit