Issue with implementing ROS2 Actions with native Fast DDS

asked 2023-03-21 15:31:29 -0500

I'm currently working on my bachelor thesis, where I'm trying to integrate Eclipse's 4diac FORTE with ROS2. I've successfully implemented Topics and Services, but I'm having trouble with Actions.

From what I understand, a ROS2 Action is composed of three Services and a Topic. I'm using Fast DDS to communicate between ROS2 and 4diac, and I've ensured that my data type and topic naming are correct.

However, my ROS2 Action server is not receiving my request, and I'm unable to debug the issue. I've compiled ROS2 on my Ubuntu machine and tried to insert a breakpoint, but none of them are triggered with my custom DDS Request.

I've looked through the rmw_fastrtps code, but I haven't found any special code for Actions. Can anyone provide guidance on what I might be doing wrong or suggest ways to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you in advance!

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