Elp high framerate camera not working with ROS, other cameras work fine, little lost for troubleshooting

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Hey all,

I am attempting to use a high framerate camera for apriltag detection using ROS2 Foxy (eventually humble). I have been using a camera from the same manufacturer (ELP) and thought this would be a drop in replacement. Unfortunately it is not.

The camera functions just fine. This was verified by plugging into a windows machine as well as using webcamoid to test functionality and see if I could change the parameters. the webcamoid options and the documentation and the internet are kind of all saying different things, so I wanted to post and see if anyone had any advice.

Camera I am using: http://www.webcamerausb.com/elp-260fp...

Attempts at use... Note*: I have provided a pdf that sort of logs my process, I will summarize below.

Link to PDF of with screenshots - https://www.dropbox.com/s/997rrm7yucb...

V4L2 Node

ros2 run v4l2_camera v4l2_camera_node


Failed setting values - White balance temperature, Exposure (absolute), focus (absolute)

These aren't so important I think, but the main important one is the following

current pixel format not supported yet ->rgb8

I did a little more diffing outlined in attached pdf and learned some things, but ultimately didnt feel like i made significant progress or know where to even start.

usb_cam Node

ros2 run usb_cam usb_cam_node_exe

with usb_cam it seemed to run just fine until the image popped up. the topics were there, and I could subscribe, but when I pulled up rqt image_view I saw this... (it won't let me upload a screenshot. but its solid green with 2 static bands and the image is publishing at 10Hz, not the 260 Hz I am getting with other programs/OS's - this is included in attached document)

There are a couple important terminal notes

[warn] framerate:10.00

[error]/[warn] camera calibration file not found.

The calibration problem happens with previous successful cameras, and they work just find so I don't think the problem lies. All else seems to be running correctly.

I am just a little lost as to where to start. I have been poking around but many of the forums/places I go seem to be a bit over my head. It feels like I shouldnt need to be an expert in camera drivers to get an image into ROS, especially since I have been doing that for a while now, but here we are.

Any help would be great!!! Thanks!

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