How to use MRS1000 3D LIDAR with ROS (IP configuration problems)

asked 2023-02-22 06:38:07 -0500

Hi, I am trying to use MRS1000 LIDAR with ROS Melodic. I am using default ROS driver from sick. The driver repository is below. I can get pointcloud from LIDAR on SOPAS-ET software. I didn't change IP of the LIDAR. There were default IP, subnetmask and gateway. When i tried to use the LIDAR on ubuntu 18.04 i set a static IP from settings->network->wired settings->IPv4->manual. I changed "hostname" parameter with my IP from launcher file.

But i get these errors:

Error1: SOPAS Communication -Error unexpected Sopas Answer for request <stx><stx><stx><stx><len=0023>sMN\ SetAccessMode 0x03 0xf4 0x72 0x47 0x44 CRC:<0xb3>"

Error2: no answer received after 5000 ms. Maybe sopas mode is wrong.

and the leds on the LIDAR are always red.


thanks for your help.

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