Jetson Nano connected to Arduino Portenta running micro-ROS can't connect to other computers

asked 2023-01-26 17:02:43 -0500

confusedrobot gravatar image

I'm running a micro-ROS agent on a Jetson Nano connected to an Arduino Portenta via UPD4. This works fine---I can see messages published by the Portenta on the Nano.

But, I can't see messages on other computers connected to the same WiFi network as the Nano; I can't even ping the Nano from other devices (which makes sense why I can't see any ROS topics). I do still have access to the internet via WiFi on the Nano though.

As soon as I turn off the wired port on the Nano, the connection to the Portenta fails and I can ping the Nano from other devices.

I think this is related more to network setup than to micro-ROS specifically, but I've run out of internet searches to figure this out. All I want to do is connect the Nano and Portenta via a wired connection and have other computers on the same WiFi network running as part of the same ROS2 application. I'm sure I'm missing something.


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