Cartographer pure localization leave former in map

asked 2023-01-17 02:54:20 -0500

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Hi. its has been a while im learning about ros, especially in auto navigation system. im already succeed doing navigation planing using 2d navigation goal and pure localization from cartographer. The step that i took look like this:

  1. open cartographer slam
  2. save cartographer map in pbstream file
  3. doing pure localization
  4. start the navigation ros

Now im facing some new problem.

  1. The cartographer still creating and updating map even if pure localization is succeed. the problem happen when some people walk at front of the robot. The map become dirty and blocking the way of the robot.

  2. some time after pure localization is succed the cartographer doing the localization again and become wrong. is there any method to localize manually?

actually im using cartographer because of i can get odometry from the lidar it self. can some one help me plz?

using ubuntu 18, ros melodic, rplidar a1m8, cartographer

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