why is real robot not following same path as RViz ? is this an arduino code issue or ROS package issue? [closed]

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As you can see in attached YouTube video. The path followed by the real robot is different then the one generated by Moveit-Rviz. the robotic arm is moving ahead of its designated point and then coming back to the same point. I need help to find out whether its issue with Arduino code or ROS source package (Attachment: ROS source and arduino code).

Youtube Link:https://youtu.be/R2brv3ZZEIk

Electronics Diagram for robot:https://imgur.com/T0MJOvl

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This is a duplicate of #q410818. Please do not repost the same question. If you don't get an answer, edit the original question to add more information. This will bump it to the top of the questions page again.

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ok...thank you, let me add some more information of previous question...

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