To use Robot localization package andd IMU 6050

asked 2022-12-08 10:43:17 -0500

Rahulwashere gravatar image

Hello, So this is a problem that i am facing and i want to be clear in my approach. I am using MPU6050 IMU and trying to fuse its data to wheel odom using robot localization package as my robot wheels have significant jerk and drift issues and odometery is not good. While using IMU i connect it to an arduino and use the following package to get imu data in frame of imu ROS IMU 6050 NODE . i recieve linear acceleration, angular velocity and orientation in frame of imu, and can publish orientation data to base link of my robot by a static tf. My question is while fusing both of these data, i.e. shouldn't the rest of the data of IMU(accn & velocities) be in base link frame ? like, the localization package which is fusing the data should receive data in base link frame only to produce filtered odometery ? if yes how do i do it ? when i just use individual topics of /odom & /imu/data as they are published, the resulting /filtered/odometery goes all over the place with discrete jumps and plethora of issues. Kindly help as i hope this might finally help me to complete my robot. Thanks

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