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SLAM_toolbox : no pose topic published

asked 2022-11-24 09:22:27 -0500

gregscf gravatar image

updated 2022-12-08 00:34:24 -0500

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem using the slam_toolbox package in localization mode with a custom robot running ROS2 Foxy with Ubuntu 20.04

I've been looking a lot about how slam and navigation by following the tutorials on Nav2 and turtlebot in order to integrate slam_toolbox in my custom robot.

I've setup all the prerequisite for using slam_toolbox with my robot interfaces:

  • launch for urdf and robot_state_publisher
  • laser scan topic
  • custom odometry that publish the transformed for rviz

Currently, my odometry package published an Odometry ros2 msg between my odom_frame and my base_frame, and also a tf2 TransformedStamped msg for for displaying the robot on Rviz.

Basically, I managed to use the package for mapping my environment and save the map without problem using the and then I tried to run all 3 differents launch files in localization mode to get the pose topic but the position is not published from slam_toolbox/

I noted that some of my lidar frame are dropped when I launch the nodes but my guess was that my laser scan rate was too high and that it should not be a problem to make things work, right ?

[localization_slam_toolbox_node-1] [INFO] [1669298864.285423435] [slam_toolbox]: Message Filter dropping message: frame 'lidar_1' at time 1669298864.243 for reason 'Unknown'

I've been trying to investigate about my problem but without getting any clue. I would like to know if anyone had succeded to integrate and use slam_toolbox localization with a complete custom robot and interface. Some help would be really much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2022-12-20 07:02:43 -0500

gregscf gravatar image

Not that I've solve the issue but as I don't know yet if the package itself have a problem or if its just my setup, I just made my own way to get the topic of the position if someone runs into that issue.

I implemented a tf listener to get the transform between my map frame and my base frame that I republished on my position topic.

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I also try to use the pose map->Odom->base_link? Is it the same pose published on the pose topic for ROS galactic, humble and rolling?

As far as I know, SLAM means mapping and localization. Where does the robot pose goes if the toolbox doesn't publish it?

BlueBird gravatar image BlueBird  ( 2023-01-07 20:01:42 -0500 )edit

In my case, the pose is not published on the topic /pose as it it said on the documentation of the package but it is published on the /tf topic between the three frames map->odom->base. To get it I implemented my own pose publisher by using a TransformListener as shown is this tuto to get the pose of my robot.

gregscf gravatar image gregscf  ( 2023-01-09 05:12:43 -0500 )edit

Thank you very much. That helps a lot.

BlueBird gravatar image BlueBird  ( 2023-01-11 20:19:19 -0500 )edit

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