bottlenecks ROS2 Hardware

asked 2022-11-06 23:51:41 -0600

AVJF gravatar image

Hi, everybody.

I want to choose an appropriate mini pc for my robotic application. I want to know which part of my mini PC I should spend more money on. The duty of the mini-pc is mainly to collect data from its I/O and emit the data over ROSnetwork, and maybe in the future, some ROS2 packages will be run on this mini-pc too.

As I know, most ROS packages run on the CPU and RAM, also Localhost, and for external communication nodes, send and receive from the network is mainly handled by the CPU and network card.

Should I spend more on my CPU and RAM, and network card?

Can ROS2 communicate effectively with 10Gb and 25Gb card networks?

Are there any sources that guide me to the bottlenecks in components of computers for implementing ROS2?

Are there any sources to help me to find this type of question?

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