The ROS2 communication did not come while the network was coming back. [closed]

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Hi all,

In my senerio, I will use ROS2 on multi Jetson Nano machines and my Network can be down because of the environment but Network is comes after a few seconds. Sometimes, the system is working well, ROS2 communication comes back after network repaired, but mostly despite the network coming back with high signal, ROS is not communicate with other machines.

When ROS2 Network communication break, ROS2 is working on every machine seperately but not see other machines topics. When we stop and start the nodes, ROS2 Network communication is working.

I will write a python script to restart the ROS2 on every machine when the network communication break. It can be solution but I don't want solution like that.

ROS2 Network is not stable, WHY?

How can I establish a robust and stable ROS Network?

Anyone struggling with this issue?


Laptop: Ubuntu 18, ROS2 Galactic. 2 Jetson nano : Ubuntu 18, ROS2 Galactic.

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