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Moveit returns Pose in "base_link" instead of "base" frame

asked 2022-10-18 04:42:04 -0500

luuuu gravatar image

updated 2022-10-18 07:12:13 -0500


as can be seen in the following screenshot: Altough I set pose reference frame to "base", I receive poses relative to the "base_link" frame. Does anybody has a hint to me, how to solve that?

Thanks in advance!

Here's a link to my screenshot (as I unfortunately didn't get the right yet to add a picture to this question):

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I'm not sure, if the screenshot was public available, but now it should be!

luuuu gravatar image luuuu  ( 2022-10-19 01:23:08 -0500 )edit

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answered 2022-10-19 19:36:16 -0500

Mike Scheutzow gravatar image

updated 2022-10-19 19:41:39 -0500

Somewhere in the moveit config for your robot, they will define "planning groups" i.e. a contiguous set of links. MoveGroup is probably choosing the first link of the group as the planning frame, so maybe you can edit it there.

That said, I can't think of a good reason you'd want to do this. tf2_ros makes it easy to transform a pose to or from any frame you need.

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Thank you very much for the answer! Honestly I've hoped, that there would be an easier solution, than installing a new packet and starting a new node, just to get the pose in the standard frame. Does anybody has an idea, what's the purpose of the function "move_group.set_pose_reference_frame()", as the pose is still relative to a different frame?

luuuu gravatar image luuuu  ( 2022-10-20 01:33:50 -0500 )edit

I believe the problem this is solving is that move_group.set_pose_target(pose) takes a geometry_msgs/Pose as an argument, but that message does not have a frame_id. I assume set_pose_reference_frame() was added by the developers in an attempt to not break existing code at the time.

Mike Scheutzow gravatar image Mike Scheutzow  ( 2022-10-20 08:22:21 -0500 )edit

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