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asked 2022-10-14 20:05:03 -0500

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Can someone please provide an explanation on the "ideal development environment"? As far as I can tell the set-up how I have it, is good, as it keeps the two seperated. Question is, if there is a different or better approach some of you are taking?!

Currently I'm developing in two individual directories,a s follows:

  1. ~/microros_ws
  2. ~/Documents/gitclones/AutoBot_uros

where the first is my working directory for micro-ROS agent and anything that is going to be executed on the development PC and later the embedded SBC. The second is my working directory for the embedded Software, destined to run on the Teensy 4.1, acting as low level control node.

My question is, if this is the correct way to set everything up, or if the both should be joined in a single directory. Yes, I'm aware there are virtual environment and docker container, etc. But have have little to no experience with those and the set-up / process is complicated enough as is.

Any feedback would be welcome:

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