Pointcloud and tf not aligned during sharp turn

asked 2022-10-10 17:03:09 -0600

Hello, I have a simulated UAV with a lidar. When the UAV is performing sharp turns or tilts, the captured point cloud does not align with the reference frame, it does not correct/compensate the tilt of the UAV during this behaviour.

Further explanation: If the UAV looks downwards for a short time period during the turn, the point cloud is plotted as if the UAV is not tilted, resulting in walls and the ground being rotated and almost orthoganl to the real ground (that has been captured before and after the manover).


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Please tell us what your transform tree looks like from map down to base_scan (or whatever you call the lidar TF frame.) Are you using an IMU to update the odometry estimate frequently?

Mike Scheutzow gravatar image Mike Scheutzow  ( 2022-10-12 16:07:26 -0600 )edit