How can i write position joint controller plugin for sdf file robot or how can i publish robot's joint to set position for sdf file robot?

asked 2022-08-18 01:21:48 -0600

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Hi all, I'm working on a project currently, a robot has closed loop kinematic for this reason I've converted urdf to sdf file. It worked closed loop kinematic. Actually I want to control robot's joint each of them. I am using gazebo9 and ros melodic version. I've searching how to control joint for sdf file robot for days. People usually use urdf/xacro file robot and default effort,velocity,position controller work with it. I found some plugin to control position joint but when I compile catkin build or catkin make, it was error. What can I do overcome this problem? Some references: - Using SDF instead of URDF with ROS Robot State Publisher:https://answers.gazebosim.o... - Sending joint commands with ROS - - Setting Velocity on Links And Joints -

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