MoveGroupInterface::move() timeout on the second launch

asked 2022-08-13 01:02:01 -0500

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Hi, there.

I'm new to ros2 and just complete ros2 and moveit2 tutorials. The purpose of my work in hand is to control abb-irb4600-40 robot in webots simulator and check the trajectory generated by moveit2 packages(via rviz or in webots scene). I have installed the webots_ros2_universal_robot packages since the "" contains the robot model (irb4600-40, however its srdf is incomplete compared to UR's).

My idea is to make controlling UR5e robot working first by modifying "" first and then construct my workcell scene of abb's robot later. After building my own node by using moveit2 tutorial code(changing 'panda_arm' to ur5e in, and modifying the "" (in the repo:, it seems I can launch my first trial.

The first run after build seems fine. However, I shutdown all the program and terminal, and the following launches all turned out failed. Although code running with rviz moving, the robot in webots got not controller from extern. Then I discovered that the first launch after system reboot is working. Maybe there are some unknown process or code left uncleared. The message in terminal showed that move_group timeout, as shown below. Would anyone help me with this issue? Any methods or tool to investigate the problem behind this are welcome. I saw nodes were cleared in rqt or using 'node list'.

*[move_group-10] [INFO] [1660369437.161656571] [moveit_ros.current_state_monitor]: Didn't received robot state (joint angles) with recent timestamp within 1.000000 seconds. [move_group-10] Check clock synchronization if your are running ROS across multiple machines!

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