How to use rosbag2_py on a Jetson Nano with ROS2 Foxy?

asked 2022-08-11 12:12:28 -0500

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Hello everyone, I recently started learning how to use ROS2 for a project. Because I am using a Jetson Nano, the latest version I am able to work with is Foxy, which I installed using a docker container I took from here:

The problem is that I need to use rosbag2_py, but from what I could tell it is not available on Foxy, and the Humble container doesn’t work on the Nano so I’m stuck with it.

I did some searching and I saw that there is a way to make the python API work with Foxy(?), but since I’m completely new to ROS (and I’m using a pre-built container) I could not figure out how to do that. So if anyone can kindly give me some instructions I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance!

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I'm still learning myself and haven't dug into rosbag2_py yet, but I can tell you that the default/official binary version of rosbag for Foxy (installed via apt, probably as part of your ROS Foxy install) doesn't include rosbag2_py. You'll want to "apt remove" rosbag2 and its related packages, and then clone the Foxy Future branch of rosbag2 and build it from source:

The Foxy Future version of rosbag2 is far superior in a number of ways. I recommend upgrading immediately.

bstppldrmr gravatar image bstppldrmr  ( 2022-11-11 16:04:13 -0500 )edit