Rosbridge_suite not finding package after migration from ros2-web-bridge

asked 2022-07-21 09:44:29 -0500

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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble getting rosbridge_suite to work after migrating from ros2-web-bridge. I currently have a system where there are ROS nodes running on a local laptop and on another device on the same local network. We have setup DDS and have confirmed that both machines can see the other one's nodes and subscribe to either one's topics. There is also a web UI running on the local laptop which allows us to set some parameters on every node. Everything was working when running with ros2-web-bridge, but now that we switched to rosbridge_suite, I'm getting some errors suggesting that the ROS package defined on the other machine does not exist, see the following error:

[rosbridge_websocket]: [Client e4412291-aefd-4b34-8a3e-1fca8141af1e] [id: call_service:/my_service:11] call_service InvalidModuleException: Unable to import my_package.srv from package my_package. Caused by: No module named 'my_package' I'm wondering if I'm maybe missing a step or a setting to get it up and running. To migrate from ros2-web-bridge, I simply deleted the ros2-web-bridge repo and then installed rosbridge_suite with sudo apt-get install ros-foxy-rosbridge-server. Then, after launching my ROS nodes, i run ros2 launch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket_launch.xml to launch the bridge (I launch the UI at the same time).

  • Library Version: 1.2.0
  • ROS Version: Foxy
  • Platform / OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Expected Behavior Able to call any services (offered by local or remote nodes) from the UI.

Actual Behavior Error message sying my remote package does not exist.

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