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FootPrint and TF are separated in Rviz

asked 2022-07-11 04:36:16 -0500

Laura gravatar image

When I use move_base(Global Planner, Dwa Planner, AMCL) to plan the movement of the robot, sometimes the separation as shown in the picture occurs. At the same time, the Dwa Planner prompts a warning that the path cannot be planned. After the robot stops for a period of time, the separation disappears, the Amcl positioning resumes, and then the Dwa Planner works normally. Please how to solve this situation, or what may cause this situation, thank you very much! image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-07-11 22:00:52 -0500

Please check if the parameter global_frame in local costmap is set to 'map'. This should be set to 'odom' to keep your pose continuous.

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Asked: 2022-07-11 04:36:16 -0500

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