help with install instructions Ros2 (Humble) on Windows (binary)

asked 2022-07-06 07:36:18 -0600

discoimp gravatar image

I am trying to install the Humble Hawksbill on Windows10. All was going well until I reached this step:

It specifically tells me to get the 64-bit offline version: "Download the 5.12.X offline installer from Qt’s website. Run the installer. Make sure to select the MSVC 2017 64-bit component under the Qt -> Qt 5.12.12 tree."

These are the offline installers at the location (click 5.12.x Offline Installers), and they are all 32-bit (older versions too):

Background info:

I am new to both ROS, and using a terminal for installation. I have not tried running the 32-bit file (in case something breaks). I thought I'd ask here first. I also notice that this section is not present at all in the Foxy version...

Any help is much appreciated.

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