ros3djs stuck at rendering moving Marker object

asked 2022-07-01 19:41:19 -0500

hmeng29 gravatar image

updated 2023-06-18 10:04:28 -0500

lucasw gravatar image

I'm rendering a moving joint URDF model, a MarkerArray (with 3 moving markers at low speed) together using ros3d and roslib in a React interface. The URDF mesh is rendered smoothly but the MarkerArray/Marker object has tangible stuck and frame drops/delay. Does anyone have the same issue as well?

Some contexts: I'm using ros Melodic, rosbridge, tf2_web_republisher My TF and Marker publisher is working at 125 hz. Front end settings: tfClient = { angularThres: 0.001, transThres: 0.001, rate: 60.0, fixedFrame: "/base_link", }

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