Position only IK with orientation constraint in MoveIT

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updated 2022-07-02 02:05:46 -0500

Hi all. I have implemented position only IK in Ros1 using moveit. However, I want to restrict the rotation of the end effector to some range. For example, only 45 degrees of rotation is allowed around x and y axises, while no rotation is allowed around z axis. Is it possible to implement position only IK together with moveit_msgs/OrientationConstraint? Thank you very much for your time. (I am using ROS kinetic)

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If you refer to #q194323, the GetPositionIK service mentioned in the answer has a way to specify constraints in PositionIKRequest.msg

# A set of constraints that the IK must obey; by default, this set of constraints is empty
Constraints constraints
abhishek47 gravatar image abhishek47  ( 2022-07-03 04:34:35 -0500 )edit