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How to set the rollouts from the Autoware op_local_planner package only on the driveable area (Vectormap)

asked 2022-06-22 16:22:59 -0500

aforlano22 gravatar image

updated 2022-06-23 00:48:31 -0500

Hey everyone,

EDIT: seems like i don't have enough karma points to upload an image please check also here: link text

I' am currently implementing an obstacle avoidance scenario in CARLA.

Required information:

Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Autoware install From source version: 1.13 
checked out this versions: 
ROS distribution and version: melodic
ROS install From source(apt)
CARLA Version: 0.9.6
Package : op_global_planner, op_local_planner

Steps to Reproduce:

Normally start the application. . .

  • ROS: roscore
  • Simulator: DISPLAY= ./ -opengl
  • autoware_bridge_with_manual_Control
  • ray_ground_filter.launch
  • can2odom
  • points_downsample
  • ndt_matching
  • vel_pose_connector
  • lidar_euclidean_cluster_detect
  • lidar_kf_contour_track
  • op_global_planner
  • op_local_planner
  • pure_pursuit
  • twist_filter
  • vehiclecmd_to_ackermanndrive
  • carla_ackermann_control_node

I load the vector map by using the vector_map_loader node and then i tell the planner to watch for the map data within the autoware rack with the flag "0".

The picture/video shows exactly what my problem is, the vehicle routes the car outside the driveable area. How can I tell the local planner to generate the rollouts only inside the Asian vector_map.

I know there is also some kind of curb detection which unfortunately does not work for me. I think this is because there is no curb data in the sample maps (Town01, ...). Also, this would not solve the problem if there are parts without curbs, e.g. a meadow that should not be driven on either.

I hope you can help me here

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-06-29 04:40:32 -0500

aforlano22 gravatar image

This workaround . . .

. . . worked for me

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