Compressed image stops publishing after a few seconds

asked 2022-06-16 22:57:09 -0500

Woz gravatar image

I running ros2 galactic and I have an issue where I try to view a compressed image stream in rqt_image_view and rviz on a remote machine. The image will stream for a few seconds and then stop. After that all image topics on the remote machine disappear. I can still echo them on the source machine. I need to restart the ros daemon in order to get the image back. I see no error messages anywhere. Is this a bug with ros2 or image transport?

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This issue seems to be worthy mentioning in the GitHub issues (rclcpp/rclpy)

ljaniec gravatar image ljaniec  ( 2022-06-17 03:30:39 -0500 )edit

Is this the fault of rclcpp, image_transport library, or something deeper? I'm not familiar with all the infrastructure components of ROS2

Woz gravatar image Woz  ( 2022-06-17 18:24:34 -0500 )edit

I think your issue will be moved to the correct repository if it will be not rclcpp :) I would start there

ljaniec gravatar image ljaniec  ( 2022-06-19 15:34:56 -0500 )edit