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Simple HMI to run nodes instead of the terminal

asked 2022-06-14 07:27:27 -0500

ohmimi gravatar image

updated 2022-06-14 07:27:43 -0500

Hello everyone ! I'm working in a ros2 project and i want to know if there is a way to build a simple interface or (web site) so i can run the nodes from it instead of using the terminal.. . because not all the team knows ros2 and i want to make it easy for them to launch or run nodes by only using a simple interface. I saw that there is a python method to launch the system but i wonder if there is something specific for ros2 or not.

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answered 2022-06-14 07:48:01 -0500

ljaniec gravatar image

There is this new (as of June 2022) post on ROS Discourse Create stunning UIs for ROS2 using the newly released QML ROS2 plugin:

If it is going to be a visualization and debugging tool for robotics, maybe Foxglove would be good?

If it's mostly about launching nodes, the most commonly used are Python launch files, I believe

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Yes i'm using python launch files, but the issue is i want to build a simple interface so if someone who doesn't know what is ros or doesn't work with terminal can just click a botton and launch these files.

ohmimi gravatar image ohmimi  ( 2022-06-14 09:04:56 -0500 )edit

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