ROS aruco_detect incorrect heights

asked 2022-06-03 13:57:03 -0500

swald2 gravatar image

Hello! I am attempting to use aruco_detect, with an Intel Realsense D435i camera, to find the locations of some aruco markers. The markers are detected by aruco_detect just fine, however when I echo the fiducial_ transforms topic, I find that the detected heights of the markers are significantly off (by about .4 meters). When opening up the realsense viewer, it gives accurate depth values for the general locations where the markers are attached, so I'm unsure what could be causing the discrepancy with aruco_detect. I have tried various sizes of markers (.14m, .07m), and have adjusted the launch parameters accordingly, but still encounter the issue. Has anyone had/fixed this issue previously?

(I'm also very new to ROS so it's certainly possible that I've made a simple mistake)

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