dwa does work on small environment(i.e: 8 x 8 m) room??

asked 2022-05-04 13:15:37 -0500

pondinesh006 gravatar image

Hi, This is Pon Dinesh S from Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

In my project, I add DWA_Planar for slam navigation using turtle bot, but in my case while giving points, the bot jerk for moving back and turn 90 degree and moving and also not following correct path. can anyone suggest the idea to solve the problem we facing.

   hereby i attached two package the    major difference between two package    is that i had additional weight to    model for  working correctly, but it    fails.

can anyone clear my doubt and help me to find out?(I attached my drive link can anyone help me)

link text

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