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How to run the mecanaum wheels robot continuously without using teleop or any other external source(manually)

asked 2022-03-31 00:23:52 -0500

Jack68 gravatar image

Hi all, I am new to ros and learning by the way. I built the robot having mecanum wheels from scratch. It executes the simulation and runs almost perfectly with some miscalculation. You can see below the image for your reference. I used rqt_steering_node to control the direction of the robot, it works. But the wheels are rotating(in z-axis) independently even when i am not controlled by rqt_steering_node. It wanders all around the world in gazebo. I want to rectify that, also i want to run the bot in surface of the world, not sure how i made the mistake. image: (sorry it says i need >5 points to upload the image) Hope you understand what i described.

Mainly, I want to move the robot in the same direction continuously without using any external sources, or whatever. it just moves when i start the simulation and stops when i killed it. How can i do that. Can we do that without using maps, navigation or something i don't know? If it happened, I want to test that in a real time robot which i have. It has jetson and arduino mega to control the motors(wheels). How can i do that?

Thanks in Advance.

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If your robot is sliding/moving when your wheels are not rotating, this usually means you have too little wheel-to-ground friction modeled in gazebo.

Mike Scheutzow gravatar image Mike Scheutzow  ( 2022-04-14 16:00:08 -0500 )edit

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answered 2022-04-13 04:47:30 -0500

Joe28965 gravatar image

If I understand you correctly, you want to drive it in a straight line, without any deviation?

You could try writing a simple publisher, basically the same as in the tutorial, continuously sending a message to cmd_vel with whatever speed/direction you desire.

If you mean (which I'm not sure I understand correctly) that even if you tell it to drive in a straight line, but in Gazebo it's not and you want to cancel out the drift it becomes a lot more complex

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