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How to customize setup.bash without directly editing setup.bash

asked 2022-03-06 13:22:20 -0500

HiroIshida gravatar image

updated 2022-03-06 14:53:19 -0500

Say I have ~/my_ws workspace and I have ~/my_ws/devel/setup.bash inside which is automatically created.

I'd like to customize the setup.bash behavioir, more concretely, I'd like to add export PATH=/path/to/somewhere:$PATH line to setup.bash. I want this export only when I use my_ws workspace, so I don't want to add this line to my ~/.bashrc. Also, I don't want to manually edit the setup.bash because it is dirty and leading to bags.

Does anybody have good approach to realize the above need?

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you can try editing the file and add whatever you need to add. I did not get what did you mean by without manual editing

aarsh_t gravatar image aarsh_t  ( 2022-03-06 14:17:31 -0500 )edit

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answered 2022-03-06 15:21:40 -0500

aarsh_t gravatar image

Hello @HiroIshida ,

I can see 2 solutions here, either you can manually edit your devel/ file or you can edit your ~/.bashrc by editing something like this.

source "$HOME"/my_ws/devel/setup.bash
export PATH=/path/to/somewhere:$PATH

Now whenever you want to source that workspace, you can just call function source_my_ws from terminal

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