ROS2: how to remove container name from logging output [closed]

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When launching a ComposableNodeContainer in ROS2/Galactic I get the following output by default:

[INFO] [launch]: Default logging verbosity is set to INFO
[INFO] [component_container-1]: process started with pid [969242]
[component_container-1] [INFO 1645624860.169280519] [metavision_driver_container]: Load Library: xxx
[component_container-1] [INFO 1645624860.173747162] [metavision_driver_container]: Found class: xxx
[component_container-1] [INFO 1645624860.173835721] [metavision_driver_container]: Instantiate class: xxx
[component_container-1] [INFO 1645624860.177171352] [event_camera_1]: sync mode: secondary
[component_container-1] [INFO 1645624860.747093574] [event_camera_1]: camera serial number:

How can I get rid of the [component_container-1] field? It takes up too much screen real estate. I tried setting:

RCUTILS_CONSOLE_OUTPUT_FORMAT=[{severity} {time}] [{name}]: {message}

But this variable only seems to influence the logging output after the first field.

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