How to create chain in MoveIt planning groups from left foot to right foot for a Biped robot?

asked 2022-02-03 01:22:19 -0600

PrajwalSangam gravatar image

I am trying to simulate a biped robot. I have generated the Cartesian trajectory for the left and right foot positions. Now I want to obtain the inverse kinematic joint angles to follow the trajectory.

I am trying to do this using MoveIt motion planners. In the planning group I found the option called "chain", in which i set the base_link as left_foot and end-effector as right_foot. In biped motion, during swing phase, one foot acts as base_link(fixed to the ground) and other foot acts as end-effector(needs to follow the parabolic motion for stepping).

This isnt working as the moveit says the group is not in chain form. Is this because the start of the robot tree structure from the torso from where the robot appears to be branched at hip joints?. How do I proceed further?

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