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ROS2: Turtlebot3 tutorial. launch error.

asked 2022-01-24 00:05:15 -0600

Robobo gravatar image

Hi there! I'm using turtlebot3 and i got a problem.

My system is ROS2 Foxy, Ubuntu 20.04LTS

In this tutorial, I had installed simulation packages. It was good.

But in the second tutorial that launch the packages, the error occurred.

The error is here

~/turtlebot3_ws$ export TURTLEBOT3_MODEL=burger

~/turtlebot3_ws$ ros2 launch turtlebot3_gazebo

Package 'turtlebot3_gazebo' not found: "package 'turtlebot3_gazebo' not found, searching: ['/opt/ros/foxy']"

I think he said "I couldn't find the package!"

so I paste the [turtlebot3_gazebo] package directory into the route where contain packages. [ /opt/ros/foxy/share ].

But same error still occurred.

what is wrong?

thank you : >

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-01-24 00:23:41 -0600

Robobo gravatar image

I fixed my error.

This was a problem related to the use of the Catkin Package.

It is important to type it's source using the path.

In my case, path is [ ~/turtlebot3_ws/install ]

So type below line in the terminal would be good solution.

source ~/turtlebot3_ws/install/setup.bash

Have a good day!

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