Good alternatives to rqt_graph for monitoring topics without screen

asked 2021-12-29 17:23:36 -0500

cmauceri gravatar image

I am working on a remote workstation with ROS Noetic. I'd like to debug some topic Publisher/Subscribers. Normally, one of my debugging steps would be to use rqt_graph, but with the remote workstation, I don't have a screen. I haven't been successful with graphics forwarding, and I can't find any rqt_graph settings to write the graph directly to a file without displaying first.

What could I use as an alternative to rqt_graph on a remote machine?

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Do you have the possibility to setup a multi-machine ROS network? If yes: you can run rqt_graph from your own / a machine with a DE / UI. No need to run it "on target".

Edit: and I don't know of anything which implements this, but afaik, rqt_graph uses Dot internally to generate the graph, so in combination with something like ggerganov/dot-to-ascii, it should be possible to do this in a terminal directly. Could perhaps even be an extension to dheera/rosshow.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2021-12-30 03:34:20 -0500 )edit