how to make the two callback functions in ros2 action server communicate with each other?

asked 2021-12-07 21:32:48 -0500

Hi, I need your help.

I am learning ROS2 foxy action server on Ubuntu 20.04 and I have a class to move turtlesim from point(5.544,5.544) to a point(x,y).

There are two callback functions in the class: one is self.moveTopoint() in a timer and another is self.execute_callback() in action server creation. Different from FibonacciActionServer example, the computation is not in self.execute_callback(), but in self.moveTopoint(). After running the package and node I could not get the result back,but with no errors.

My question is that how to make the two callback functions communicate with each other so that result.end_point_x in self.execute_callback is assigned the self.result_x in self.moveTopoint? Thank you.

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