turtlebot3 sticks to walls on setting dijkstara=false and use_grid_path=true

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updated 2021-11-21 21:14:30 -0500

I am testing various mapping algorithms on turtlebot3 using the turtlebot3_navigation package. I set base_global_planner as global_planner/GlobalPlanner. to use the a star algorithm is set use_dijkstra to false and use_grid_path to true.

  old_navfn_behavior: false                    
  use_quadratic: true                          
  use_dijkstra: false                           
  use_grid_path: true                         

  allow_unknown: true                          

  planner_window_x: 0.0                        
  planner_window_y: 0.0                        
  default_tolerance: 0.0                       

  publish_scale: 100                           
  planner_costmap_publish_frequency: 0.0       

  lethal_cost: 253                             
  neutral_cost: 50                             
  cost_factor: 3.0                             
  publish_potential: true

this gives this strange behavior where the robot sticks to the walls as seen in this picture here:

Upon reverting to navFn for global planning or setting the use_dijkstra to true:

old_navfn_behavior: false                     
use_quadratic: true                           
use_dijkstra: true                            
use_grid_path: false

this wall sticking behviour is no more and everything goes back to normal.

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Please take a look at this prior answer: https://answers.ros.org/question/2763...

I'd start with playing with inflation radius as suggested in this answer.

osilva gravatar image osilva  ( 2021-11-22 10:43:11 -0500 )edit