Can we disable the local planner from move_base ?

asked 2021-10-29 00:20:49 -0500

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updated 2022-01-31 09:42:48 -0500

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Hi, I wrote a global planner plugin for the move_base. I want to test whether it's planning a path avoiding static obstacles in the map. I don't want it's performance to be affected by the DWA local planner now. I don't want to avoid dynamic obstacles too. I mean I do understand that you need the local planner to send velocity commands to the base motor controller but is there some way I can test the global planner by disabling the local planner?

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Why do you say the local planner will affect the global planner's performance?

I don't see a need to disable the local planner. I would have your planner publish its plan, like global_planner does (code). You can then visualize and/or record it. What happens after that (local planning, moving obstacles, etc.) seems irrelevant.

tryan gravatar image tryan  ( 2021-10-29 14:11:34 -0500 )edit